Reduce costs.

Reduce complexity.

Minimize truck traffic.


Prolong water supply.

Increase optionality.

Steward resources.


Subsurface experts.

Mitigate risks.

Protect your reservoir.

We have spent years perfecting the services that we now provide at Waterfield Midstream.  We have profound competence on the produced water side of the water life cycle and focus our services there.  We have designed, built, and operated some of the largest produced water gathering and disposal systems in the Permian.  Our collective expertise in produced water pipelines, facilities, and subsurface reservoirs is unmatched in the water midstream market. 


But we aren't satisfied with simply being a water disposer.  We have the ability to make produced water from our systems available for completions.  Our ability to aggregate produced water on our systems gives our upstream customers more flexibility in sourcing their completion water.  We can either treat the water to customer specifications or simply supply the produced water and let customers use their preferred treatment method.      

Waterfield Midstream, LLC